Who are we

Erste Asset Management combines the flexibility of a boutique manager with the clout of an internationally established financial service provider. As subsidiary we coordinate and are responsible for all asset management activities within Erste Group Bank AG. More than 300 employees manage assets of about EUR 61.43bn across seven countries, with the help of local investment experts Aug 31, 2019.

Our core competencies are investment solutions for the following areas:

Why Erste Asset Management?

Four reasons why working with us will benefit you

1. Size does not matter – the approach does 

You think 300 employees are not enough?

  • As subsidiary of Erste Group Bank AG we combine the flexibility of a boutique manager with the clout of a multinational house
  • This way we can offer you an international networks of advisers as well as tailor-made solutions that meet all your requirements
  • Globally 47.400 employees work for Erste Group – Erste Asset Management benefits from this strength Aug 31, 2019.

2. Safeguard local competence while crossing borders

Our expertise in emerging markets is a multiplier for your success.

  • As one of the first asset managers we launched an equity fund for Central Europe in 1990 – since then, this pioneering spirit has been driving Erste Asset Management
  • We focus in particular on global emerging markets. The know-how of our experts in this area ensures a paramount understanding of these markets

3. International advisory – local specialists

Benefit from direct access to the CEE markets in line with our credo: six countries – one partner.

  • Our investment specialists have in-depth know-how on the development of the respective country and know the cultural context
  • Another advantage: you are in direct contact with the decision-makers, the listed companies, bond issuers, central banks, and government offices

4. Delegate everything except control

Tailor-made portfolio solutions are our core competency

  • We take into account your requirements
  • We structure the portfolio in line with your risk specifications
  • We facilitate your direct access to the fund management team
  • We offer you individual and personal advisory

How we work

“We are convinced that a thorough understanding of the market, detailed analysis, and a culture of team work constitute the basis of successful active management. Thanks to experienced specialists and a strong network we offer our clients investment solutions that prove their quality and innovative power on the basis of an excellent track record.”

Wolfgang Traindl, Director of Erste Asset Management

Our expertise

Our know-how multiplies your success

Go your own way. Erste Asset Management will support your with investment solutions that are tailor-made for your specific requirements. Whether it is fixed income, equities, emerging markets, or responsible investment – our experts will accompany you on your way.

Fixed income

Fixed income investment solutions have a long tradition and an outstanding track record at Erste Asset Management. It is no coincidence that they represent the core competency that commands the highest volume in our house (in terms of assets under management).

Fixed income products have been part of our range since 1965. Since then we have continuously developed our investment strategy through innovative approaches. Today Erste Asset Management offers its clients all established fixed income solutions as a one-stop shop.

The right solution for every challenge


Active management

  • The high number of fixed-income asset classes requires tailor-made methods and strategies
  • Active management can achieve value gains also in inefficient markets


  • The performance of our fixed income teams is regularly awarded international accolades of the highest level
  • The team consist of about 30 specialists investment professionals in Austria and in Erste AM's CEE units with an average of eleven years of investment experience Aug 31, 2019
  • Our experts operate across four investment areas: developed markets, sovereigns, emerging markets sovereigns, and global strategies & research

Rule-based investment approach

  • Continuous development of our investment approach
  • Both top-down and bottom-up analysis in our investment solutions
  • Taking into account of special context, that is, technical approach, quantitative models, and qualitative assessment by our experienced market specialists

Transparency due to structured approach

  • Clearly defined and structured areas of responsibility within the investment process ensure that decision-making is efficient, predictable, and traceable, and that the continuity and stability of fund management  remain intact

Use of active strategies

  • Active strategies aim at the generation of surplus revenue
  • Various different models are in use:
    • Implementation in the spot portfolio, as portable alpha
    • Implementation as independent overlay on the basis of derivatives
  • Type and volume of active positions depends on fund specifications and client wishes

Client-specific flexibility

  • Different asset classes and client needs require accurately fitting strategies
  • Among those are also innovative and quantitative methods for the risk management of absolute-return strategies

Emerging markets and CEE

Via Erste Group Bank AG, Erste Asset Management (Erste AM) has been deeply rooted in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) for decades. Erste AM and its subsidiaries launched their local operations as well as its first equity fund for Central Europe in 1990 – prior to the CEE states’ encounter with the interest of the global financial community. This home advantage continues, contributing actively to our investment solutions with CEE focus. But that’s not all: since we have accompanied the development of the East European emerging economies from the outset, our experts have been able to acquire unique know how. This technical expertise is invaluable when it comes to developing accurately fitting investment solutions and strategies for emerging countries with a similar set of basic conditions.

Global emerging markets (GEM)

We make global use of our know-how in the emerging markets. To this end, Erste Asset Management has gradually expanded its investment universe; in 1997, it added Asia, and in 2002 Latin America.

These are the emerging markets segments that we specialise in:

1. Global emerging markets corporate bonds
2. Global emerging markets government bonds (local currencies)
3. Global emerging markets government bonds (hard currencies)
4. Europe emerging markets equities (CEE)


Central and Eastern Europe (CEE)

Focus on Central and Eastern Europe: with its strong positioning, Erste Asset Management can optimally benefit from the growth potential of the fastest growing regions in Europe.

This is why we are CEE specialists

Pioneer in CEE




  • Erste Asset Management was one of the first asset managers to launch an equity fund in Central Europe
  • Since then, we have continuously expanded our offer
  • Today the product range of Erste Asset Management is extensive, containing large and successful funds like ERSTE BOND DANUBIA (Please see the risk notes at the end of this page)

Home field advantage due to local presence



  • Comprehensive use of CEE know-how for managing our funds
  • Our investment specialists are largely from the various CEE regions and therefore speak the language of the decision-makers, the listed companies, the bond issuers, central banks, and government offices

Focus on bottom-up investment process





  • Strong focus on bottom-up processes thanks to local presence in numerous CEE countries
  • In addition, quantitative methods used for
    • investment management
    • positioning on the interest rate curve
    • selection of rating segments
    • regions or sectors
  • This model input is assessed qualitatively and affects the portfolio structure top-down

Responsible Investments

Responsibility and yield are no contradiction in our book. With assets under management of EUR 5.96bn, we hold the biggest range and volume of responsible investments in Austria Aug 31, 2019. Responsible investments take into account environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG) considerations. We are convinced that such an approach does not only contribute to a better world, but can also reduce risks, thus boosting the chance of responsible returns.

When it comes to portfolio construction, our responsibility process combines a best-in-class approach on the basis of Erste AM’s ESG rating with strict criteria of exclusion and active title selection. As committed investor we pursue the principle of active ownership by entering into a dialogue with the companies we invest in and exercising our voting rights at shareholder meetings accordingly.

Your benefit from our market leadership


Experience counts Erste Asset Management has concentrated on responsible investments since 2001 – a success story that continues
Integrated ESG research Our combination of internal research process and input from external ESG (environmental, social, and corporate governance rating agencies optimises the management approach and ensures an objective angle
Transparent process Erste Asset Management documents the investment process and provides its investors with the necessary documents
Individual selection Our responsibility filter developed in-house can be applied to your individual requirements


Our responsibility

For many years, responsibility has been an overarching theme for Erste Asset Management. As asset manager we take or responsibility towards society seriously. We realised early on that investors were taking environmental and socio-ethical aspects into account in their investment decisions. Therefore we have developed a broad range of ethically responsible funds for private and institutional clients over the past ten years. Transparency is one of our key priorities: we make our stringent criteria and voting behaviour on shareholder meetings publicly accessible. In order to maximise our influence, protect our pioneering status, and provide decisive input for the discourse on responsible investments we co-operate with a number of renowned partners and contribute actively in important networks.

Always one step ahead of the trend

The internationally awarded research team of Erste Group makes sure that Erste Asset Management monitors, knows, evaluates, and, if the opportunity arises, makes use of all current market trends. The team produces macroeconomic analyses, fixed income research, and equity research for ten CEE countries. In addition it compiles top-down analyses for the entire region as well as investment strategies, among other tasks.

Contact us

You have questions? We are looking forward to hearing from you.


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