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Please note that ERSTE-SPARINVEST Kapitalanlagegesellschaft m.b.H. do no provide investment advice.


Information regarding investor complaints:

ERSTE-SPARINVEST Kapitalanlagegesellschaft m.b.H. has introduced an internal process for the appropriate and prompt handling of investor complaints. Please contact us:


ERSTE-SPARINVEST Kapitalanlagegesellschaft m.b.H.               

A-1100 Wien, Am Belvedere 1

Tel: +43 (0)50 100 19881

Fax: +43 (0)50 100 9 19881



It does not cost anything to lodge a complaint. Incoming complaints are handled immediately, and we try to find an adequate solution as quickly as possible. Every complaint and the necessary measures are documented and archived.


In addition, ERSTE-SPARINVEST Kapitalanlagegesellschaft m.b.H. has joined Gemeinsame Schlichtungsstelle der Österreichischen Kreditwirtschaft (Joint Arbitration Board of the Austrian Credit Industry). You can address this ombudsman to settle disputes. For further information on Gemeinsame Schlichtungsstelle der Österreichischen Kreditwirtschaft and its processes and procedures, please visit