Our history

No economic future without innovation – it has always been an integral feature of Erste Asset Management to recognise trends early and use them. As one of the first asset managers we launched an equity fund for Central Europe back in 1990. Since then, our range has grown drastically, and our years of experience in asset management continue to drive the pioneering spirit of Erste Asset Management.

  • ERSTE-SPARINVEST Kapitalanlagegesellschaft m.b.H. merged with Erste Asset Management GmbH on 3 November 2018 with retroactive effect from 31 December 2017
  • Erste Asset Management GmbH established on 1 February 2018 a new branch in Slovakia


  • Tirolinvest KAG was merged on 24 October 2017 with ERSTE-SPARINVEST KAG
  • Erste Asset Management increases the holding stake in ERSTE Immobilien KAG to 75.1%


  • RINGTURM Kapitalanlagegesellschaft m.b.H. merged with Erste Asset Management GmbH on 1 November 2016 with retroactive effect from 31 December 2015


  • The Czech subsidiary of Erste Asset Management becomes a branch by 18.11.2015 and the name is changed from Investiční Společnost České Spořitelny (ISCS) to Erste Asset Management GmbH, Czech Republic Branch
  • ERSTE-SPARINVEST, the largest and oldest company within Erste Asset Management GmbH, celebrated it's 50th birthday in May 2015


  • The Croatian subsidiary of Erste Asset Management changes its name from Erste Invest d.o.o to Erste Asset Management d.o.o
  • Integration of the asset management business of ESPA-Financial Advisors GmbH into Erste Asset Management
  • Closing-down of the subsidiary ESPA-Financial Advisors GmbH


  • Erste Asset Management Croatia increases its market share from 5 to 20%
  • Erste Asset Management celebrates the World Fund Day in Austria
  • ERSTE BOND FLEXIBLE RON (formerly BCR Obligatiuni) manages assets worth EUR 1bn in Romania
  • Re-branding of the funds managed by Erste Asset Management Romania
  • Erste Asset Management Romania launches a partnership with the Romanian Tennis Federation
  • Erste Asset Management Romania launches a partnership with the Bucharest University of Economic Studies
  • Erste Asset Management Romania publishes five new books in cooperation with Publica Publishing as part of the “Little Books, High Yields” series
  • Termination of all activities in Serbia due to the low volume of the fund market
  • Erste Asset Management Slovakia introduces two new products, “Šikovné investičné sporenie“ and “Combi deposit Premium“, to the market
  • Erste Asset Management Hungary moves up to second place in the Hungarian investment fund market


  • The German subsidiary of Erste Asset Management changes its name from Erste-Sparinvest Deutschland GmbH to Erste Asset Management Deutschland GmbH
  • The Hungarian subsidiary of Erste Asset Management changes its name from Erste Fund Management Limited to Erste Asset Management Limited
  • Exclusion of banned weapons
  • Erste Asset Management Romania merges the funds “BCR Monetar“ and “BCR Obligaţiuni“ into one fund
  • Erste Asset Management Romania launches cooperation with Publica Publishing and publishes the investment series “Little Books, High Yields“ as part of an education project


  • Erste Asset Management expands its segment by the first responsible corporate bond fund “Espa Vinis Bond Euro-Corporate“ (today ERSTE RESPONSIBLE BOND EURO-CORPORATE) issued by an Austrian asset management company
  • Investment process changed to global tactical asset allocation (GTTA) with the integrated tactical asset allocation (TAA) of equities and bonds


  • For the first time Austrian investors can support lending to private individuals in emerging and developing countries and indirectly achieve a social yield by investing in “Espa Vinis Microfinance” (today ERSTE RESPONSIBLE MICROFINANCE*)


  • RINGTURM Kapitalanlagegesellschaft m.b.H. in Vienna becomes a subsidiary of Erste Asset Management
  • Investiční Společnost České Spořitelny (ISCS) in the Czech Republic becomes a subsidiary of Erste Asset Management
  • Launching “baskets”, ERSTE-SPARINVEST embarks on a new product family for funds with specific maturities
  • Changes to the investment process on the basis of derivative overlays – alpha transfer funds tactical asset allocation (TAA) with risk- and maturity-oriented equity exposure


  • Erste Asset Management GmbH founded
  • Invest a.d. founded in Serbia
  • SAI Erste Asset Management SA is founded in Romania taking over the management of all open-ended investment funds and individual investment portfolios from SAI BCR Asset Management SA, a former subsidiary of Banca Comerciala Romana (BCR)


  • Sparinvest Deutschland GmbH founded
  • Erste Sparinvest Deutschland GmbH positions itself successfully as boutique provider of ESPA funds
  • "SPORO Fond maximalizovaných výnosov" (“Sporo Fund of Maximized Returns”) is introduced in Slovakia


  • ERSTE-SPARINVEST launches a partnership with World Wide Fund For Nature (WWF)
  • The environmental equity fund “Stock Umwelt” carries the name of the WWF (today ERSTE WWF STOCK ENVIRONMENT)


  • ERSTE-INVEST Croatia starts managing war veteran fund
  • “Espa Cash Emerging-Markets“ (today ESPA SHORT TERM EMERGING-MARKETS*) becomes the first near-money-market fund for emerging markets to be launched in Austria


  • The first property fund is launched in Hungary
  • BCR Dinamic (today ERSTE BALANCED RON) is launched in Romania – the first Romanian investment fund ever


  • “Espa Vinis Stock Global“ (today ERSTE RESPONSIBLE STOCK GLOBAL) is launched


  • German institutional clients put in their first orders for special funds
  • Transformation from qualitative to quantitative in the investment process of “tactical asset allocation” (TAA)
  • ERSTE-SPARINVEST introduces a new investment approach in the management of mixed funds: “absolute return”


  • The introduction of a security tax in 2001 boosts the popularity of funds of funds
  • Slovenskej sporiteľne, správ. spol. a.s. is founded as asset Management company of Slovenská sporiteľňa
  • By launching “Espa Stock Umwelt” (today ERSTE WWF STOCK ENVIRONMENT), ERSTE-SPARINVEST claims a pioneering role in the area of responsible investments


  • ERSTE-SPARINVEST launches the first Austrian high-yield bond fund (today ESPA BOND EUROPE-HIGH YIELD)


  • Investment fund company Erste-Invest d.o.o. founded in Croatia


  • “Danubia Rent“ (today ERSTE BOND DANUBIA*) is the first fixed income fund featuring East European convergence candidates in Austria


  • ERSTE-SPARINVEST Kapitalanlagegesellschaft m.b.H. founded by the merger of a part of Sparinvest Austria and EKA
  • Restructuring of the remaining part of Sparinvest Austria to Capital Invest


  • Merger of Sparinvest and the fund company of Bank Austria to Sparinvest Austria


  • Giro Asset Management founded, precursor of Erste Asset Management in Hungary


  • Investiční Společnost České Spořitelny (ISCS) founded, since 2009 member of Erste Asset Management


  • “Danubia-Invest“ (today ESPA STOCK EUROPE-EMERGING*) is launched after the fall of the Iron Curtain as globally first East European equity fund


  • RINGTURM Kapitalanlagegesellschaft m.b.H. founded; part of Erste Asset Management since 2009
  • “Sparkassen-Mündelrent“ (today ESPA BOND EURO-MÜNDELRENT) is launched – the first gilt-edged form of investment fund in Austria


  • First Austrian equity fund launched
  • The “Vienna-Invest“ fund (today ESPA STOCK VIENNA) allows Sparinvest to benefit from an unprecedented gold rush at the Vienna stock exchange


  • “Reserva“ (today ESPA BOND EURO-RESERVA), the first fund for severance and pension provisions is launched


  • “Sparfonds“ (today ESPA RESERVE EURO PLUS*) is launched as first Austrian money market fund


  • “Combirent“ (today ESPA BOND COMBIRENT*), is launched as first Austrian schilling-denominated bond fund
  • “Intertrend“ (today ESPA BOND INTERNATIONAL*) is launched as first international bond fund in Austria
  • Sparinvest enters the market of bond funds


  • Sparinvest KAG founded


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